Aquatic Plant Set


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- Aquatic plants
- 4 plants
- Placement: -10 to -20 cm

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Aquatic Plant Set

- Aquatic plants
- 4 plants
- Placement: -10 to -20 cm


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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Aquatic plants are more than just decoration

Aquatic plants are essential to maintaining a healthy, vibrant pond; they are much more than an attractive addition. These plants play a crucial role in filtering waste products from the water, which would otherwise serve as a breeding ground for algae. By keeping the water clean and clear, they contribute to the overall health of the pond. In addition, aquatic plants provide a safe haven for fish and insects, which is crucial to maintaining the ecological balance of the pond. Without these living filters, a pond would turn into a murky pool devoid of life.


Sumpfpflanzen are your ponds secret weapon. They grow like cabbage and filter your water by soaking up waste products. Less nitrate and nitrite = clearer water. With our plants, you get a healthy pond quickly, without the hassle.


We deliver only top quality. Our hardy marsh plants are the strongest of the strong and come with a solid 100% growth and flowering promise. They are natural fighters against algae growth and keep your pond clean.


All our plants and other products are 100% ecological so our products are not harmful to humans, plants and animals. All pond plants are angebaut and directly versendet from our own aquatic plant nursery.


Delivery includes:
- 1x Swamp Anemone (Houttuynia Cordata Chameleon)
- 1x Sumpf schwertlilie (Iris Pseudacorus)
- 1x Pikeweed (Pontederia Cordata)
- 1x Swan Flower (Butomus Umbellatus)
- 1x Professional pond basket (L19xW19xH10 cm)
- 1x Special pond plants clay (800 grams)
- 1x Gravel cover (400 grams)
- 1x Aquatic plant food (8 grams)
- Includes comprehensive instructions and pond planting advice

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