Mini pond set - Red


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- Combi set
- 4 plants
- Placement: -10 to -20 cm

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Mini pond set - Red

- Combi set
- 4 plants
- Placement: -10 to -20 cm


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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Mini pond set: Complete set for a mini pond

With a mini pond, as with a large pond, it is important to set it up correctly so that your mini pond remains perfectly clear and balanced. With a mini pond, placing additional oxygen plants is very important. Their shallow nature causes them to warm up quickly. With our mini pond kit you protect the water from the sun, keep the water healthy and reduce algae formation.


Our mini pond set is ideal for mini ponds with a capacity of up to 250 liters of water. The set includes 3 species of Sumpfpflanzen and 1 water lily that bloom beautifully in spring and keep the small pond balanced by naturally filtering the water and preventing the water from heating up. Add 2 more species of loose oxygen plants to keep your pond free of algae.


This DIY pond plant kit is an enhancement to your balcony or garden. In a deep bowl on a table or in a pond, this makes for a colorful addition! All our plants are nursery angebaut and then put into dormancy (hibernation). After this, the small plants (plugs) are packed dry without water. Once the little plants are placed in the pond and given light and warmth (va spring), they will start to grow rapidly.


All our plants and other products are 100% ecological so our products are not harmful to humans, plants and animals. All pond plants are angebaut and directly versendet from our own aquatic plant nursery. All plants come directly from our own nursery, so we can guarantee quality and freshness. We use packaging made from recycled plastic, which contributes to sustainability. So you get not only beautiful, but also responsibly grown plants.


Delivery includes:
- 1x Dwarf water lily red (Nymphaea Pygmaea Rubra)
- 1x Sumpf schwertlilie (Iris Pseudacorus)
- 1x Pikeweed (Pontederia Cordata)
- 1x Swan Flower (Butomus Umbellatus)
- 1x Professional pond basket (L19xW19xH10 cm)
- 1x Special pond plants clay (200 grams)
- 1x Gravel cover (100 grams)
- 1x Aquatic plant food (2 grams)

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