Thread algae control: POND BLOCK - Pond algae control


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- Usage: 1 block per 1,000 L
- In 10 days algae free
- Advice: combine with BACTA CLEAR

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Thread algae control: POND BLOCK - Pond algae control

- Usage: 1 block per 1,000 L
- In 10 days algae free
- Advice: combine with BACTA CLEAR


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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Pond Block: Thread algae control within 10 days

You fight thread algae easily and quickly by adding Pond Block to the pond water. Pond Block is an algaecide that can be added to the pond year-round and will get rid of your algae within 10 days. Dose the Pond Block according to the directions on the package for best results. 


Tackle thread algae easily with Pond Block! This stuff gradually dissolves and tackles algae without fuss. Throw a block into the pond, and it works for months. Rain or evaporation? No problem, Pond Block keeps doing its job. Plus, you can even use it in the winter. Clear water without a headache.


Pond Block is not just another algae killer. This clever little block dissolves slowly, keeping your pond clean for a long time. It's designed so you don't have to worry about it. Use it year-round for constant algae protection.


With Pond Block, you choose a clean and healthy pond environment. It is safe for your pond and has minimal environmental impact. Quality that keeps working, block after block. Good for your pond, good for the planet.


Pond Block is super easy to use. For a 1000 gallon pond, one block is sufficient. Smaller pond? Just cut the block in half. Don't put it too deep and far away from pumps for best results. Stored dry it will last for years. Clear pond? Check. Easy maintenance? Double check.

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