Lavender - 4 pieces - Typha latifolia


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- Aquatic plant
- Full-grown height: 120 cm
- Placement: -1 to -20 cm

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Lavender - 4 pieces - Typha latifolia

- Aquatic plant
- Full-grown height: 120 cm
- Placement: -1 to -20 cm


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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Aquatic plants are more than just decoration

Aquatic plants are essential to maintaining a healthy, vibrant pond; they are much more than an attractive addition. These plants play a crucial role in filtering waste products from the water, which would otherwise serve as a breeding ground for algae. By keeping the water clean and clear, they contribute to the overall health of the pond. In addition, aquatic plants provide a safe haven for fish and insects, which is crucial to maintaining the ecological balance of the pond. Without these living filters, a pond would turn into a murky pool devoid of life.


Aquatic plants are essential to any clear and vibrant pond. They actively absorb waste products, lowering nitrate and nitrite levels and making your water crystal clear. Our carefully selected aquatic plants offer a natural solution for a healthy pond, without the hassle of technical filter systems.


We offer an assortment of the most robust and hardy aquatic plants, selected for their exceptional ability to grow and flourish under a variety of conditions. Each of our plants comes with an unmatched 100% growth and flowering guarantee. They are the natural warriors against algae, keeping your pond clean and pristine year-round.


Our aquatic plants are not only strong and reliable in cold weather conditions; they are also nature's allies. With few requirements on your part, they offer much in return: they promote biodiversity, support the local ecosystem and provide a beautiful pond year after year. By choosing our plants, you are contributing to a more sustainable world.


With us, you know exactly what you're getting. Depending on the size and needs of your pond, we recommend a specific amount of our aquatic plants to ensure optimal results. We are ready with advice and support to ensure that your pond transforms into a source of natural beauty, ready for you to enjoy.

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