Floating Plant Island - Aquatic Plants


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- Floating aquatic plant
- Full grown height: 80 cm
- Placement: loose in the water

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Floating Plant Island - Aquatic Plants

- Floating aquatic plant
- Full grown height: 80 cm
- Placement: loose in the water

Original price was: 35.00.Current price is: 29.95.

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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Sumpfpflanzen: The aquatic plant that naturally filters the pond

Marsh plants, also known as riparian plants, have a very good root system so they will grow quickly. These plants have a filtering property and absorb waste products which will reduce nitrate and nitrite concentrations. Our range consists of the strongest hardy species of marsh plants and always offer a 100% growth and flowering guarantee. Tip: The water always warms up fastest in shallow areas such as the marsh. As a result, algae growth occurs fastest in this zone. By adding extra plants and a combination of tall aquatic plants and low-growing oxygen plants in your marsh, you will prevent algae growth. For marsh plants, I recommend at least 2 baskets of 4 plants (total of 8 plants) per 1 m². The amount needed depends on how quickly you want your pond balanced and your visual requirements.


Sumpfpflanzen are your ponds secret weapon. They grow like cabbage and filter your water by soaking up waste products. Less nitrate and nitrite = clearer water. With our plants, you get a healthy pond quickly, without the hassle.


We deliver only top quality. Our hardy marsh plants are the strongest of the strong and come with a solid 100% growth and flowering promise. They are natural fighters against algae growth and keep your pond clean.


Our plants are not only braves in the cold, but friends of nature. They ask little of you, but give a lot back: year in, year out. With this sustainable choice, you're doing both your pond and the planet a favor. We say what you get and you get what we say. Depending on your purpose and taste, we recommend planting at least 8 of our powerhouses per square meter. This will ensure you have a vibrant and healthy pond, ready for you to enjoy.


Delivery includes:
- 1x Marsh anemone (Houttuynia Cordata Chameleon)
- 1x Sumpf schwertlilie (Iris Pseudacorus),
- 1x Pikeweed (Pontederia Cordata)
- 1x Swan Flower (Butomus Umbellatus)
- 1x Black Float Ring (L25x25x4 cm)
- 1x Professional Pond Basket (L19xW19xH10 cm)
- Pond Plant Clay (800 grams)
- Gravel cover (400 grams)
- Water plant food tablet (8 grams)
- Detailed instructions and pond planting advice

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