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We specialize in growing hardy aquatic plants and only the right species needed for a successful pond. Simon has developed a unique growing and delivery method over the years. As a result, we offer a 100% growth and flowering guarantee on all of our plants.

We also believe that the use of expensive pumps, filters, water improvers and water testers are unnecessary. With the right pond plant combination, biologically balanced and clear pond water can be achieved naturally, just as in nature.

100% growth and flowering guarantee

Our aquatic plants are made with the utmost care angebaut. Special attention is paid to the development and growth from root to plant. Quality control also takes place when packing your order. This way you can be sure that the plants you purchase from us are extremely healthy.

Breeding method

Small plants

Our plants are shipped as plugs, these are young plants consisting mainly of primal roots and the occasional single leaf. This is because the roots are the most important thing about the whole plant. Roots determine strength and growth. When these plugs are placed in the pond, they will grow into stronger and healthier plants, than when a larger plant is planted in the pond, which has to switch to a new habitat. Our plants are always supplied without flowers. This, to save the strength of the plant and eliminate the risk of damage during transport.

dry packing aquatic plants

Dry packed without water

Plants are packed by us dry, which means that the plant will only start to sprout at the moment it is placed in the pond. The advantage of dry-packed plants is that they can be shipped without damage during transport. Sometimes the plug, as the small plant is called, contains brown leaves on the outside. We always leave this leaf on to protect the growth core.

Brown leaves aquatic plants

Brown leaves

We deliberately always leave brown leaves on when we ship the plant. This brown leaf provides protection of the growth core during transport. Also in winter, when the plant goes into hibernation, brown leaves form to protect the growth core from the cold.

How fast do aquatic plants grow?

How fast does the plant grow?

This depends on a number of factors. These include the amount of sunshine and the outside temperature. As long as there is no ice in the pond, aquatic plants can be placed in the pond. However, they will not grow during the winter months. Once it warms up, the plants will start to sprout quickly. The growth rate can vary from year to year, depending on environmental factors. With new plantings, the pond must come into balance and this takes time. Nature will take care of this itself and this sometimes requires a little patience.

Only hardy native species

Only hardy native species

We use only these species because they come back more beautiful every year. Garden centers usually sell a wide range of aquatic plants, most of which are unfortunately not hardy. This means that you have to buy new pond plants every year. We have deliberately chosen for a small assortment of all hardy water plants, which come back more beautiful every year and with which a clear, biologically balanced pond can easily be achieved.

Organic angebaut

Organic angebaut

We grow in harmony with nature. We protect the environment by not using chemical, but if necessary, biological pesticides. At our nursery we move with the seasons, in winter the plants go into hibernation. Our greenhouse is not heated. All plants are angebaut without using electricity or gas. warranty

Having doubts about the quality?

Have you received plants and you're not sure of the quality? Please let us know as soon as possible. Enclose a photo so we can take a look and advise you. If it turns out that the plants really are not of good quality, we will of course offer a warranty on your purchase. The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Warranty certificate purchase

What is my warranty certificate?

Your invoice or proof of purchase is also your warranty certificate. Your invoice is automatically saved in your account. So you'll never lose it again. Handy, right?

Corporate Social Responsibility

At, we pursue the 17 global goals. We believe that together we can make a difference. Cooperation is essential to move forward. We are committed to people with a distance to the labor market. We spare the environment by not using chemical pesticides, if necessary we use biological control. Plastic is avoided as much as possible and recycled. By keeping up with developments in packaging, we have an increasing percentage of biodegradable packaging available.

Global goals


Acting honestly and openly, ensuring transparency, reliability and clarity. Ensuring a healthier and better world. This is what Van der Velde Waterplants stands for. We would like to underline this with the certification of MPS-Florimarkt TraceCert and Global G.A.P. GGN Floriculture. sustainability fsc

Recycled plastic and FSC paper

We strive to produce our products and packaging as CO2 neutral as possible, using PLA and PET plastic packaging and FSC certified paper.

DHL GoGreen transport

GoGreen Climate Neutral Shipping

Through our partner DHL, we ship all our packages under the so-called GoGreen Climate Neutral service. With this service, DHL calculates the CO2 emissions per shipment and offsets those emissions by investing in environmentally friendly projects.

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