Everything you need to set up a natural pond. With proper pond construction and the right planting plan, a pond pump, filter or water improvers such as KH and GH are completely unnecessary. We sell only hardy pond plants and the basic pond supplies needed for a biological, clear, balanced and low maintenance pond.


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Pond shop with everything for the pond

Whether you want to build a natural pond, swimming pond, biological pond or koi pond in your garden, in our pond webshop you will find everything you need to build a maintenance-free and balanced pond. By properly placing substrate and plants in the pond, you no longer need an expensive pump or filters.

Online pond store with its own aquatic plant nursery

Through his years of experience as an aquatic plant grower, Simon van der Velde has all the knowledge needed to build the ideal pond. He has compiled this knowledge and experience in a book full of tips and tricks on pond construction. Van der Velde Waterplanten also has a webshop for pond and accessories. In this webshop, all plants and materials can be ordered that contribute to a pond that is in balance all year round.

Ordering pond plants online

Buy pond plants online is very easy through our webshop. All pond plants come directly from our own nursery and are dry packed sent. This means that there is no water involved in shipping and that the plants will sprout as soon as they are placed in the pond.

The pond plants webshop of the Netherlands

Through all knowledge and experience we have become a pond plants webshop with sales throughout Europe. We have also served consumers and companies in many countries to full satisfaction of advice regarding the construction of small to very large ponds.