White Water Lily - Nymphaea Albatross


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- Large water lily
- Full-grown height: 10 cm
- Placement: -10 to -100 cm

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White Water Lily - Nymphaea Albatross

- Large water lily
- Full-grown height: 10 cm
- Placement: -10 to -100 cm


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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Water lilies are the solution against algae in the pond

Water lilies are more than just a pretty sight; they're your secret weapon against algae infestation. Whether you have a small pond or a large one, we have the perfect water lily for you. Their leaves act as natural sunscreens, keeping the water cool and making life miserable for algae. They also provide shelter for fish and other aquatic life. Our range? Only hardy plants that can handle cold winter temperatures, with 100% growth and flowering guaranteed. How much you need? At one basket per 0.5 to 3m², you're on the right track, depending on your goals for balance and aesthetics in your pond.


Prevent algae growth and create a cooler pond with our water lilies. Their leaves provide shade and a safe haven for fish while you enjoy a blooming water spectacle. A simple solution with big impact!


Our water lilies are distinguished by their robust winter hardiness and unique guarantee of growth and flowering, something you won't find with every grower. angebaut with years of expertise and a passion for sustainability, we deliver not just a plant, but a piece of our nursery directly to your pond. This ensures strong, healthy plants that come back and bloom every year, without the need for chemical aids.


Sustainability is at the heart of every step of our growing method. We use ecological pesticides and grow our plants without artificial heat, which minimizes our energy consumption. Our focus on hardy, native species creates a naturally balanced pond that is self-sustaining, contributing to a greener planet and providing you with a top-quality product that defies the test of time.


The water lily delivery includes a carefully dormant rhizome - this is not a seed, but an already developed young plant. Along with all the supplies needed for successful placement in your pond, including a pond basket, clay, cover gravel, and nutrient tablets, we provide you with detailed instructions for bringing your water lily to vibrant bloom.

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