POND SUBSTRATE Pond substrate - 1000 liters


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- 1000 L covers 25 m² ↥ 10 cm
- Heavy duty quality for the best filtration
- Extra porous: optimal plant growth

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POND SUBSTRATE Pond substrate - 1000 liters

- 1000 L covers 25 m² ↥ 10 cm
- Heavy duty quality for the best filtration
- Extra porous: optimal plant growth

Original price was: 599.95.Current price is: 499.95.

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Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Pond substrate: For a strong foundation and clear water in your pond

Simple is how I like it, even when building a pond. Many people look up to the hassle of pumps and filters. That's why I introduce pond substrate: one solution for a healthy pond bottom. Like Bacta Clear, it makes pond maintenance easy. With pond substrate, you lay the foundation for clear water and strong plants, without complications.Pond substrate works simply. It provides a home for beneficial bacteria and support for your plants. Throw it on the bottom, and you're done. It provides natural purification, eliminating the need for filters. Plus, your plant roots are secure without rotting. Pond substrate keeps your pond naturally balanced, beautifully clear and healthy - easy and environmentally friendly.


Our pond substrate is a gamechanger for any pond enthusiast. Because it has been washed multiple times, say goodbye to dirt and welcome clear water! Plus, it's heavier than your ex's excuses, so it stays right where you want it. And that porosity? Perfect for a filter party and lets your plants grow like they're in a spa.


What makes our substrate so special is not just its superpower in filtration. It's a biological nightclub for beneficial bacteria that will make your pond brighter than your future. No more fiddly filters or pumps; our stone pellets do the heavy lifting for you. Really, it's like naturally giving your pond glasses for perfect visibility.


This substrate is not only a hero in the water; it is also made with the planet in mind. Extra-heavy quality and longevity mean less waste and more enjoyment. By choosing our substrate, you're contributing to a greener world, while your pond gets a big boost. It's like killing two birds with one stone, but kinder to the flies.


Ready to start your pond transformation? An 8-10 cm layer is what you need, which equates to about 2 bags per square meter. We'll make sure this precious cargo arrives to you quickly and efficiently, so you can get started creating your maintenance-free, clear pond paradise right away. And don't worry, the dimensions and all the details are on the package. As clear as our substrate, so to speak.

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