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Testing pond water? Don't do it!

Pond water testing

Save hundreds of dollars by not testing water but instead using my step-by-step plan and tips.

The hidden pitfalls of commercial pond water testing

Often I see people walk into garden center outlets or specialty stores with a jar of pond water to have their water tested. The employee does a test and, surprisingly, there almost always turn out to be abnormalities in the water values.

On advice, people then purchase various remedies over the course of a month to bring and maintain the water to the "right" value. For a small pond, this can quickly cost between 200 and 300 Euros. Box office!

But here we are focusing on symptom relief rather than actually solving the underlying problems. It is reminiscent of political decisions: spending a lot of money without addressing the root of the problem.

More important is to scrutinize the problem itself.

Simon van der Velde

Tips, advice and substantial savings

I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.

The key to a healthy pond: observation and logic

Personally, I don't test the water, but I observe. My 5 checkpoints are of greater value than a commercial pond test from garden centers or specialty stores. Following my advice can quickly save you hundreds of euros!

  • Is the pond constructed correctly?
  • Is the water temperature controlled? At the edges, in the marsh area with often only 10 inches of water, the water can get warm in the summer, which can lead to growth of filamentous algae.
  • Are the fish behaving and feeding normally? Is the number of fish in the pond not too many?
  • Are the plants growing well and is the plant choice appropriate?
  • Is the equipment, such as pumps, filters, UV lamps and hydrogen extractors, properly installed? Are they doing more harm than good?

It is crucial to understand that in nature, water values fluctuate due to weather conditions and seasonal changes. The goal should be to create an "all-season" pond, much like all-season car tires or a four-season quilt.

Actually, everything makes perfect sense, but we often forget to think logically.

Common pond problems are:

  • Excessive algae growth
  • Poorly growing plants

The solution lies in my roadmap. With this you can check if your pond is properly constructed. If it is not, isolated remedies will not help.

You also get access to my pond tips, including special offers. I guide you through all seasons, from starting up in early spring to winterizing in fall. Plus, you can always ask questions through our support team.

pond construction step-by-step plan

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Simon van der Velde

Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist and aquatic plant grower since 1986

My vision is to let nature do its work in your pond. You don't need to buy all kinds of measuring equipment and water improvers. If the fish are swimming nicely and the plants are growing well, you know the water is of good quality. With a good planting plan and the right approach, you can save both money and maintenance and ensure a clear, biologically balanced pond that only gets more beautiful each year.

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