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Our natural solution for chasing away a heron around the pond: heron chase away pond package

Repelling a heron? Here's how to tackle it!

Think putting up a fake heron or hanging CDs in the garden are the only ways to keep a heron away from your pond? We have a natural solution that also looks beautiful.

A heron gyrating around your pond

Are you bothered by a heron that keeps gaggling around your pond? How annoying!

Herons come to ponds looking for fish, as they are real fish lovers. Very annoying of course because in no time you are left with an empty pond....

If herons harass your fish, the fish will show restless and almost stressed behavior, because they sense danger very clearly. Your fish will then start looking for places to hide. If there are not enough hiding places, they will quickly fall prey to the heron and you will be left with a pond without fish.

We offer a natural solution!

Stringing a pond net over your pond is inconvenient and not pretty, which is why we have put together the Heron Repellent Pond Package.

This package consists of various types of floating aquatic plants for fish to hide under. Fish sense when there is danger and will temporarily hide under the plants.

This makes your fish feel safe and will discourage the heron from hanging around your pond. In addition, it is a natural solution that looks nice and keeps your fish visible.

Simon van der Velde

A heron around your pond is not only annoying for you, but also for your fish. They sense danger unerringly through vibrations in the water. If fish have no place to hide from this danger, it gives them stress, and they will be quickly hijacked by the heron. The Heron repel pond package gives your fish a place to hide. Minimum advice for plants: Minimum 2 baskets of 4 plants (total of 8 plants) per 1 sq. ft.

Simon van der VeldePond specialist and aquatic plant breeder

Heron repel pond packages to remedy heron nuisance

For a pond from 100 to 20,000 gallons of water

Click on the image for an explanation of how to calculate the number of gallons of water in your pond.

Calculating content of your pond

Simon van der Velde

Pond specialist & aquatic plant breeder

Tip from Simon: More plants in your pond is always better.

Too few plants increases the risk of algae and plant death. If necessary, choose additional plants you like in addition to the package.

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Heron chasing away: Repelling the heron at the pond

Chasing herons at the pond, the heron is a bird of prey that hijacks fish from ponds, this is why pond owners want to chase away the heron.

What does a heron hate?

Herons are majestic birds, but can pose a challenge to pond enthusiasts looking to protect their fish. A heron is often discouraged by the glare and reflection of daylight. They are sensitive to agitated light reflections caused by mirror effects. In addition, certain sounds, movements and objects that are unfamiliar to them can also be deterrent. Deploying shiny or reflective objects around the pond, such as hanging CDs, shimmering ribbons or specially designed reflectors, can be effective in keeping these birds at bay, although it does not look pretty in the garden.

What does a heron eat?

Herons are not too picky when it comes to food. They devour fish, small mammals, insects and amphibians such as frogs. As long as its prey is not too large, a heron will swallow it whole in no time. It prefers fish 10 to 15 cm long. Think of perch, bream, stickleback and carp, fish that also live in some ponds. They prefer to hunt in not too deep water, preferably at a depth of -20 to -40 cm. Exactly as deep as your marsh zone, in other words.

Protecting pond fish from the heron

Protecting your pond fish from herons is essential for the well-being of the fish and maintaining the natural look of your pond. One way to accomplish this is to add plenty of floating plants to your pond. These plants create a natural shaded area at the water's surface, giving fish a hiding place when predators are around. Another useful way to provide fish with a hiding place is to place a PVC pipe on the bottom. Fish have a strong instinct to recognize danger and will quickly seek a safe place when threatened. These tubes are perfect hiding places for them. So while using a pond net can indeed be effective, there are other, more natural solutions available. With floating plants and PVC pipes, you not only provide safety, but also maintain the authentic charm of your pond.

What can you do against a heron?

As beautiful as a heron is, you'd rather not see him perch near your pond with fish. There are several ways to keep herons away from the pond. We offer some suggestions:

Cover the pond:

By making the water surface inaccessible to the heron, he simply cannot fish in it anymore. This can be done, for example, by stretching a net over the pond. If you fix this in a wooden frame, you can take it off in no time. This solution is not pretty to look at, but is good for koi ponds or reflection ponds, which often have little or no planting along the edges.

A fake heron:

Herons shy away from quarrels with conspecifics, and so it is worth trying placing a fake heron near the pond. The idea is nice, but whether it will have the desired effect in practice remains to be seen. Herons are smart and will probably quickly see that the plastic bird is not a real one.

Anti-heron reflector:

Another opportunity is created by placing a reflective object in or near the pond. The reflective effect of silver balls causes light reflections that herons (and other birds) do not like. As a result, they will stay at a distance and not land near your pond. An example of such an object is a mirror ball with a bird of prey's eye on it floating on the water. Again, it remains to be seen how long this remedy will deter the bird.

Anti-heron sprayer:

Another option is to deter the heron - as well as cats - with water. There are special sprinklers with sensors that detect as soon as there is an intruder and then spray a large jet of water around them. This scares the animals, which will run away. Of course, set up and adjust these sprinklers so that you don't get wet yourself if you happen to walk through the garden.

What is the best Heron Repellent?

The best way to chase away herons from the pond is to set up the pond correctly, because if the heron tries repeatedly to hijack pond fish but fails to do so because it does not have the opportunity to do so due to the right choice of floating aquatic plants, the heron will eventually become demotivated and give up. The heron will then prefer to look for a pond that is not heron-proof and will leave your properly designed pond. All you have to do is add the Heron Repellent Pond Package to the pond.

Why a pond net?

Many pond owners choose a pond net to protect their beloved fish from unwanted visitors such as herons and other predators. These predators can take a good number of fish from your pond in a short period of time, which is not only very annoying for the owner, but can also disturb the balance of the pond. However, many people are unaware of alternative ways to protect their fish in a more natural way. Adding plenty of floating plants to your pond, for example, provides fish with natural shelter from predators. These plants form a kind of cover on the surface under which fish can hide when danger threatens. In addition, placing a PVC pipe at the bottom of the pond is an effective method of providing a safe haven for your fish. In fact, when approaching danger, fish are smart enough to recognize when there is a risk and instinctively seek shelter. These PVC pipes provide an ideal hiding place for them. So, while a pond net is a popular and effective choice, there are other ways to protect your pond inhabitants that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By choosing natural shelters, such as floating plants and PVC pipes, you will maintain the natural look of your pond while protecting your fish from predators.

Tip from Simon: Protect your fish from the heron without a pond net

A heron near your pond is troublesome; they peck away at your fish. A pond net helps, but it's not a pretty sight. Our 'Heron Dispel Pond Package' offers a nicer solution. With floating plants and water lilies, your fish can quickly hide in case of danger, discouraging the heron from staying.

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I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.