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Are you looking for a truly enchanting gift? Our Aloe Vera gift set not only provides natural care, but also makes a positive change in the world! With every purchase, you directly support local communities through the Ecoworld Foundation. This makes it not only a perfect corporate gift, but also a special gift for someone close to you.

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Discover the amazing power and purity of Aloe Vera from Aruba, enriched with delicious chocolate from beautiful Madagascar. By buying this combination gift set, you are directly contributing to a better future for farmers in Aruba & Madagascar. This makes it a gift that not only looks beautiful in your home and is nurturing, but also has a positive impact on our world.

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Go for the perfect green combination with our set of 2 plants: the Aloe Vera plant and the Sanseveria "Woman's Tongue" plant in an elegant seagrass pot. Or pamper yourself or a loved one with our Luxury Aloe Vera Gift set, complete.

Aloe Vera Plant & Sanseveria Female Tongue Set

- Medicinal and air-purifying plants
- Ø 12 cm ↥ approx. 40 cm
- incl. plant food


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Aloe Vera Set - 2 pieces seagrass pot

- Aloe vera plants
- Ø 12 cm ↥ approx. 40 cm
- Incl. plant food


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The Power of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera, originally from the Middle East, is a versatile succulent that is now grown worldwide. The juice of this plant is used in beverages, wound care, sunscreen products and cosmetics because of its many benefits.

The plant requires little water, thrives in both semi-shade and direct sunlight, and can survive temperatures of 10℃ during the day and -2℃ at night. Because Aloe vera is not only a beautiful addition in the home, but also as a natural remedy for skin and hair care, healing, digestion and immunity against viruses, this plant can almost be called a panacea!

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Frequently asked questions about Aloe Vera

Plants terrarium royalty

Yes, with some concerns such as temperature and sunlight.

In summer every 2-3 weeks and once a month in winter.

Aloe vera has been popular for centuries because of its variety of health and beauty benefits. Here are some of the benefits of this wonder plant:

  • Skin Care: Aloe vera gel is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. It helps with sunburn, irritation and dehydration of the skin.
  • Healing: It can help heal minor cuts, burns and insect bites.
  • Digestion: Aloe vera juice can contribute to healthy digestion and reduce constipation.
  • Hair care: aloe vera can be used to reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.
  • Immune system: It contains antioxidants that can help protect the body from harmful bacteria.

For optimal growth, the aloe vera plant needs certain conditions:

  • Light: The aloe vera plant needs plenty of direct sunlight, but not all day. A bright spot near a window is ideal.
  • Temperature: Aloe vera thrives at temperatures between 13 and 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: The plant prefers low to medium humidity.

Aloe vera gel offers several benefits, including moisturizing and cooling the skin, promoting wound healing, relieving skin irritations such as sunburn, and possible support for acne treatment. This gel is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular choice for natural skin care.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel 100% Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is a valuable natural product extracted from the gel-like substance of the Aloe vera plant. This plant is known for its medicinal properties and has been used for centuries for various health and beauty purposes. Aloe vera juice is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which contribute to healthy skin, hair and digestion. The juice is often made into pure Aloe Vera gel.

Aloe vera sucker, aloe vera propagation

Discover how to successfully grow Aloe Vera cuttings. Learn step-by-step techniques for cutting, planting and caring for cuttings. With practical tips for optimal growth and healthy new plants

  1. Provide a clean, sharp knife or scissors.
  2. Choose healthy leaves, close to the base and carefully cut them off at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Let the cuttings dry for several days to allow the cuts to heal.
  4. Plant the cuttings: Place the dried cuttings in small pots with cactus mixture and bury about a third of the cuttings.
  5. Keep the soil slightly moist, avoiding excessive watering.
  6. Place the pots in a bright spot with indirect sunlight and wait several weeks to months while the cuttings develop roots.
  7. Transplant the cuttings to larger pots as soon as they are well rooted and showing new growth.

Remember, cutting Aloe vera requires attention and patience for success.

Caring for Aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera plant leaves do not discolor easily. When this does happen, it is often the result of too much watering. If the plant gets too much water, the leaves will turn brown and soft, or they will droop. If the leaves turn yellow, it may be due to too much direct sunlight. The plant can tolerate a lot of direct sunlight, but needs to get used to it slowly. In that case, place the plant a meter away from the window.

Aloe Vera can be propagated by picking shoots. The shoots are attached to the underside of the mother plant. Let them dry for three days and then plant them in a mixture of two parts compost and one part sand. A good tip is to place the shoot in a plastic bag after planting. This way the humidity is increased and the Aloe Vera plant grows faster.

Obtaining the juice can be done in several ways. The simplest method is to cut off one of the lower leaves and squeeze out the juice. An alternative method is to lay the leaf flat, cut off the sides, then cut the leaves lengthwise and remove the clear juice from the leaves. This can be done using a spoon. It is important to make sure you cut off the leaf in the middle. If you cut too close to the surface of the leaf, aloe juice may be released. This juice is yellow in color and can irritate the skin.

Main care tips for Aloe Vera plant

  • Give the plant little water, in autumn and winter the succulent can go weeks without water
  • More water makes for faster growth, but too much water and too little sunlight can quickly lead to rot
  • If the tops of the plant contract and turn red/brown, the plant is getting too much water
  • Do not spray the Aloe vera, the plant is used to dry air, only dust the plant occasionally so that the leaves get more light

Aloe vera bloom

In nature, the Aloe Vera blooms for about three months a year. Unfortunately, this will not happen very quickly in the living room. The flowers are usually yellow or red and emerge from the heart of the plant on long upright stems.

Toxic The Aloe Vera is poisonous, the juice of this plant can have a mild laxative effect.

Diseases With proper care, the Aloe Vera is not very susceptible to diseases or pests. If the Aloe Vera suffers from pests, they can be controlled either biologically or chemically. Always read the instructions for use on the packaging.

Aloe vera light and heat

You can place an Aloe Vera in a semi-shaded spot or in full sun. The houseplant can tolerate direct sunlight. In a lighter environment, the plant grows faster but also needs more water. Placing it farther from the window increases the risk of root rot if you water too much.

  • Minimum Temperature Daytime: 10 ℃ and Nighttime: -2 ℃

Aloe vera cream

Aloe Vera Creme is an excellent choice to start the day and give your skin the care it deserves. Enriched with pure Aloe Vera leaf gel, this cream promotes healthy, radiant skin that remains protected from the elements throughout the day. Whether you have normal skin, suffer from dryness, chapping, sensitivity or acne, Aloe Vera Cream is suitable for a variety of skin types. The cream stimulates skin cell renewal and helps remove dead skin cells, resulting in a fresher appearance. Although Aloe Vera Cream does not cure acne, it can be anti-inflammatory and help your skin heal wounds. In addition, this cream provides the nutrition and protection needed to protect your skin from various weather conditions throughout the day. Start your day with Aloe Vera Cream and enjoy healthy and radiant skin.
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I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
Tips, advice and substantial savings
I would like to share my experience with you, and advise you to solve any pond problems and reduce pond maintenance. As a result, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.