20 Freshwater snails, 10 Freshwater mussels & 10 Moss balls - For 500 - 1,000 L of water


Natural water filtration with: Pond snails, Mussels and Moss balls

The pond snails, Mussels and moss balls play an important role in filtering waste products from the pond, being particularly fond of filamentous algae but also clearing other types of algae effortlessly. A group of 20 pond snails, 10 mussels and 10 moss balls can filter about 1,000 - 4,000 liters of water per day from algae. 

Pond snails with pond plants

Posthorn snails and pool snails are valuable additions to your pond, as they do not harm your aquatic plants. On the contrary, they play a crucial role in cleaning up algae and other waste products in your pond. These snails specialize in consuming algae and help maintain a healthy and balanced pond environment. Moss balls also filter the water in the pond and here they act as vacuum cleaners. This is because they roll over the pond floor, algae and other waste products stick to their downy hairs, which the moss ball cleans up naturally. 

Freshwater mussels filter pond water by ingesting and filtering water through their gills. They feed on suspended particles such as algae and organic waste, returning purified water to the pond. By doing so, they reduce the amount of nutrients in the water, which can lead to reduced algal blooms and turbidity. A freshwater mussel filters about 10 gallons of water per hour.

Why pond snails, Mussels and moss balls?

  1. Natural and environmentally friendly solution: Unlike chemical algaecides, snails and mussels are an environmentally responsible choice. They help restore the natural balance in the pond without harmful side effects to the environment.
  2. Easy to use: Adding mussels, posthorn snails and pool snails to your pond is child's play. Simply place them in a sheltered spot in the pond, and they immediately begin their filtering work.
  3. Low maintenance costs: Pond snails and freshwater clams are self-sufficient and require little care. They feed on algae and organic matter, so you don't have to incur additional costs for food.
  4. Water snails and mussels are not only useful, but also a beautiful addition to the pond. They give a natural look and can enrich the biodiversity of your pond.